About Coach Nicolab

Jamaican Beginnings

I was born in Jamaica to a loving, strong value centered mom. I had an incredible group of women that believed in me and instilled discipline, commitment, diligence, grace and confidence. They encouraged me to dare to believe and groomed me for excellence. I was told by Auntie Velma "Whatever you aspire to be, be your very best". 

New York Connection

I immigrated to the US in the early 80's where I grow up under the watchful, protective eyes of my uncles. They showed me how to meet, greet and explore the world with eyes of love and compassion. They allowed me to stand on their shoulders. As I was educated in the New York City school system from High School, College and beyond. I had the brilliance of my Uncle Headley to look to for guidance through each Major I would choose, from Business, Hospitality to Health and Wellness.  He would gently remind me.  "You are destined for greatness"


  As a daughter, mom, grandmother, wife, and friend, I have an obligation to pour into the lives of  others, encouraging  them to create their bright tomorrows. I have had the honor and privilege of gracing the world stages with incredible individuals, who has helped me to be my best me. I seek to be the good in the world I hope to find, inspired by Gandhi. I seek to fill the world with love and light as my compassion takes me, year after year around the world on mission trips, to give back to humanity as Mother Theresa taught. My tomorrows include my memories, dreams, and hope for the privilege of having been a part of the tapestry of this grand universe, knowing that I am one and part of a greater and a grander scheme. I serve others every day by inspiring, motivating, and helping them to develop their incredible potential and living their dreams.   

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